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International Workshop 2006

The XIV Edition of the Biennial of young artist from Europe and the Mediterranean

3 - 12 September 2009

Skopje - Macedonia



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Youth salon




National Activities

BJCEM biennale

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Egyptian Artists on:

 Greece / 6 October - 7 November

Italy / 16 - 17 December

Skopje 2009 / 3 - 12 September

Bari 2008 / 22 - 31 May



The Egyptian participants on this biennale will be 32 artists on different artistic area such as electronic music, video art, Interactive, painting, printmaking, Photography, sculpture, drawing, poetry, writing, film, Architecture, Fashion and installation. also it will be a group of Theatre and a group of Music.

Egyptian Delegation:

- The president of Egyptian Delegation

Prof. Mohamed Rafik Khalil


- Curator / Art director of Atelier of Alexandria

Artist. Moataz El Safty


- Artists:


Mountain Language


This production is the result of a theatre experiment researching new and different forms of theatricality via the untraditional use of space and the special communication with the spectators. It is also a new reading of Pinter’s play in the light of today’s globalization of taste, art, values and –even- food. Some basic questions are raised: is freedom a universal value or does it differ from one culture to the other ? Does the military system serve freedom or what?

Adel Abdelwahab / Show / Theatre group

Nancy Adel, Mahmoud El Saghir, AL Shemaa Hamed, Asmaa Tarek and Adel Antar


Shams and Friends of the Sea

was first formed by Khaled Shams, Khaled Wafik and Ahmed Hafez in 1993 in order to produce an alternative non-commercial music where ordinary love songs and dancing ones aren't a main part of, the band developed since then with musicians and friends, in numerous concerts inside and outside Alexandria their hometown. In 2008 the 3 friends decided to start over again after 14 years from the first meeting joined by Boustan, who already was a part of the group in many concerts.

Khaled  Shams and Freinds of the Sea / Music / Music group

Ahmed Hafez, Khaled Wafik and Boustan Magdi




Other Together


A mixture of electronic sounds and synthetic rhythm, created by keyboards, computer. his aims to create a mood of vocal improvisation varies between The past, the present and the future; on the purpose of measuring the effect of these different vocal vibrations on the audience.


Muhammed Hosni / Music


Teapot’s vengeance


An interesting experience was born as a result of a dramaturgy workshop; this film has been the offspring of a surprise when the film maker was awarded a grant from the Goethe institute to produce it. The film revolves around the life of an Indian teapot who has over-stepped his cultural boundaries; living in a small kitchen that belongs to an intermediate Egyptian household. The central characters of this film are transcended from mere lifeless objects to humanized entities where their emotions are shown through magic of animation and dialogue.

Amina Abodoma / Images on the Move / Film




Combining the color temperature in the East and in the simplification of forms to create a fanciful world full of vitality and mobility on the surface more than the level of interest in the traditional framework of equilibrium models of the form or traditional plays to create a state of mental balance and mobility based on the creation of a new type of balance and form relationships through awareness of new relationships in the normal forms of relations or the creation of a special kind of magic.

Mohamed Bassuony / Visual arts / Painting


Goozor synopsis

The artist tried to mad  a movie expressing the alienation that we’re living in because of the Global changes, and  the effects of these changes in his cities “Alexandria” the movie is talking about a group of people they don’t know each other but they have the same feelings which are alienation and loneness. When you end up suffering of loneliness, with no one to talk to, there may be someone nearby you don’t know but who’s in the same situation. You never exchange a word and you each go your own way.

Mohamed Salah / Images on the Move / Film


Mono Project

Electronic Visual Performance


Despite the crowd that we are going through, in all its kinds, the ordinary individual is turning to be Alone, like the Mono Tone...  Electronic Music by : Mohamed Ragab , Monoprints on Video & Percussions by : Mahmoud Hamdi . 

Mohamed Ragab / Music / Electronic Music


The cocoon wisdom


I believe that the wisdom comes from struggling to get the experience that we need for our life and we can see that in the relation between the cocoon and the butterfly. In fact, the butterflies spent most of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shrivel wings. It never was able to fly. What we did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening were the only way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings.

Mohamed Khafagi / Applied arts / Fashion



is the name that I have chosen for these paintings ,that represent the searching for security by human , which is considered as the widest concept , that comes before concepts like right , deprivation  , immigration

Kareem El-Qurity / Visual arts / Painting




From nothing begins a human. Starting an endless journey looking for the lost horizon. That journey which ends exactly where it started and then starts again. It could take days, maybe years or even a whole life. Between those starts and endings some of us may find his horizon in one of his long journey stops. He may find it in a few seconds while he is flying in the spacious space. Floating with every single part of his body, remembering every little thought that once crossed his soul, holding a dream.

Tamer Shahen / Visual arts / Photography


Electricity Meter

Badry’s project will deal with the dread of monthly electricity bills in Egypt’s society. He will build an oversized kilowatt-hour-meter out of wood. In its center a metal counting wheel will slowly be turning. (moving counting wheel and moving numbers in tv screens)


Ahmed Badry / Visual arts / Video Installation


New Cairo


From the fact of being one of the habitant in Cairo, I realize that it is crawdad with thought’s and idea’s that always change. So from that change came my idea, that idea of the change of Cairo the change of all the eastern stuff and we give up about our happed and change it by the west happed  but in the fact  the western  civilization controlled us and controlled our mind and our life So here I explain the idea of my paintings from takes sine seen from our houses our life our homes.

Nahla Reda / Visual arts / Printmaking


Enter Skopje


The idea of the project is to design 7 gates to enter Macedonia square; these gates are portable so that they can be placed in any other plaza in the world. The 7 new gates are oriented on the axes of the important spots of the city. Each gate is a small exhibition that exhibits the history of the important spots that it is on its axis. Connection, wealth, strength, memories, highness, and heritage of Skopje influenced the design of the 7 new gates.

Mohamed El-Sheikh and Mohamed Alaa / Applied arts / Architecture


I Will not Bathe 

To Make Freud More Beautiful and More Human

I Believe the Winter Sun

Upon being invited to participate in the Biennale of Young Artists, that which sets foundations for a creative dialogue of cultures, I began to speculate:  Can I plant with the seeds of my poems a garden that embraces all our differences and where in its safe haven we are allowed to converse and interact? There is no language then but one: love, for nothing else can, in all colors, plant our trees. I somehow started remembering all the poets I have read and whose works were translated into Arabic.

Omar Hazek / Literature / Poetry


15.                      Reem Kassem

Literature - Writing

16.                      Taha Nasr


17.                      Amira Al Sotouhy


18.                      Maha Sobeih

Video installation

19.                      Ahmed Nagy

Video Installation

20.                      Chadi Salama


21.                      Ahmed Abulnasr


22.                      Karim Shaaban

Video art

23.                      Maryam Hassan


24.                      Sarah Hany




The XIV Edition of the Biennale 2009 in Skopje, invites young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean to participate and present their works. The artists will play a leading role in an event that will present new and interesting productions. The city in effect is characterized by a strong multiethnic nature which, together with the presence of a great number of students and young people, guarantees a culturally stimulating atmosphere, ready to welcome the selected young artists.


The theme of this edition is “Seven Gates”, which ask the artists to be inspired by the ancient legend of the city of Skopje, which says that the seven gates of the city stand on where once stayed the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the ears of a giant.


For further information about the history of the Biennale, the BJCEM Association and the Biennale of Skopje 2009, please see the website www.bjcem.org.


The XIV Edition of the Biennale 2009 will take place in Skopje, from 3rd to 12th September 2009. The number of the works to be presented has been fixed by the Organizing Committee for the Biennale Skopje 2009. In countries and regions where the BJCEM Association has members or partners, the artists will be selected through a local or national process organised by the BJCEM members and partners. In other countries, the selection process of the artists will be dealt directly by the BJCEM Association.


The chosen theme for the XIV edition of the Biennale Skopje 2009 is “Seven Gates”.

This theme is related to the legend of Skopje, like the City of Seven Gates. Seven roads lead to and from Skopje, very similar to the seven perceptions and vital accesses to and from the head of the human being. The capital of the soul, consciousness, or the personality of every human. According to an ancient myth, all of the seven roads were part of a huge monolith that was located exactly in the position of today’s Skopje basin. The monolith was round, similar to the human head. Legend says that this rock used to be a head of a giant, over whom spells were cast. All seven openings in the giant’s head were sealed by those spells. One day, a hero walked by and with a magic spear, he reopened the eyes, the ears, nostrils and mouth. Thus the city sees, listens, breathes and talks through them. Even nowadays everyone who passes along these roads will be able to see with the eyes of Skopje, listen with the ears of Skopje, breathe with the breath of Skopje, understand the speech of Skopje, taste the flavours of Skopje.

We will give the opportunity of the seven disciplines of the Biennial to enter in Skopje from these seven gates. Gate is an association of a free entrance and always ongoing circulation. A spot from where the different cultural creativity from everywhere can enter and can be mixed with the cultural heritage inside. A spot from where the authentically cultural potential can come out and share with the others.


Art.4 Subdivision in Areas


The Biennale of Skopje 2009 is organized in seven Artistic Areas, each of them includes several disciplines.


-     Visual Arts (Plastic Arts, Photography, Installation, Performance, Video Art, Comic Strip,     Cyber Art, Public Art)

-     Applied Arts (Architecture, Visual/ Industrial/ Web design, Fashion, Digital Creations)

-     Literature (Writing, Poetry)

-     Music (Folk/Ethnic, world music, Contemporary, Electronic, DJ's. Jazz, Pop, Rock)

-     Show (Theatre, Dance, Urban Acts)

-     Gastronomy

-     Images on the Move (Film, Video, Animated Films)


The productions selected by the different artistic juries will be presented at the Biennale of Skopje 2009.


The Selection committee are:

Prof. Mohamed Rafik Khalil

Dr. Reem Hassan

Mr. Ibrahim El-Dessouky

Artist. Ibrahim El Tanbouli

Artist. Alfons Lous

Artist. Hany El Sayed

Artist. Moataz El Safty


Atelier of Alexandria is a member of the board of BJCEM association read more Details  >>


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