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XIII BJCEM biennial of young artist from Europe and the Mediterranean. International Workshop 2006

The XIII Edition of the Biennial of young artist from Europe and the Mediterranean

22 - 31 May 2008

Bari - Italy




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Egyptian Artists on:

 Greece / 6 October - 7 November

Italy / 16 - 17 December

Skopje 2009 / 3 - 12 September

Bari 2008 / 22 - 31 May




Egyptian Delegation and 28 Egyptian Young Artists who are selected by Atelier of Alexandria to participate on XIII BJCEM biennale - Puglia from 22nd to 31st May 2008



Egyptian Artists:


Abdallah Dawestashy / APPLIED ARTS / Digital Art


I will display a group of photographs that represent different faces for different people in which each one convey a certain mode either a dream , hope or suffer.



Adel Moustafa / VISUAL ARTS / Plastic Art


since the Egyptian ancient civilization the bird has respect and interesting . it was sanctified by them in "horas the god " they compared the spirit by the bird  called " ka "  it was speaking to " solimane" . the bird is symbolize to freedom , strength , power and peace .



Ahmed Basiony / VISUAL ARTS / Video Art


When the mind disagree with the real visual existence, eye plays a big rule in transforming these scenes into a formal ways about it, but when my feeling and my imagining disagree with these images in that mind, I'd feel rejecting and revolting against the usual way to describe and reforming this fact to my own.



Ahmed Essamra / VISUAL ARTS / Video Art     


In his last experiences in the field of video, the artist is interested by his own childhood memories. which have been overturned in to visions & visual characters With all what they contain from leaved persons, grandmother's tales about the genny, the magic, and the onset of meeting and knowing of



Ahmed El Shaer / VISUAL ARTS / Video Art


Human life become connected to a series of numbers and these figures do not chosen , but the uniqueness of the name , Date of birth , telephone number , credit card all these figures control the life to date of death , as a product of a supermarket barcode through their own know life in all its aspects.


Ahmed Nour / IMAGES ON THE MOVE / Film


Bakry is a real simple Egyptian 50 years old man who lives in a small village called ( nakalefa) in( alfayoum) with a family that consists of a wife and 2 daughters esra & rabha who has born can hear but cannot talk ,and that is the only thing in life that hurts bakry the man who has an eternal magical smile that rarely quits his face.  



Aly Said / VISUAL ARTS / Plastic Art


At the beginning of the industrial revolution, the most importance of the machine appeared and how it effects the human’s culture and civilization .  and because the artist is the only person who can represent the spirit of egad, the machine become a source of inspiration to a lot of artists in which they handle it in different ways.



Dahlia Refaat / VISUAL ARTS / Photography


My project is to make stenope photographs. It’s an equation: position of the box, light also controlling the developing process to get a complete successful image. Exhibiting my work depends on repeating the same image in different directions with only a monochrome photo assembling an imaginary moment during the several long seconds of filming.



Hany Elsayed / VISUAL ARTS / Plastic Art


This work (INISTILLATION) in clouding photography & painting & sculpture . this work talking about the HUMAN BEING and some move and reeking for the human from place to another place.



Islam Kamal / IMAGES ON THE MOVE / Video


God create the still life. The well of life and the concept of belief-the act of belief- Struggle of the sun flower –a small plants which raise in between railways bars under the wells of the city tram railways generally in Mediterranean countries Human feature -by video – of randomly samples of people by “H.D” monitoring.



Lamia Moghazy / VISUAL ARTS / Installation


the effect of the media and the internet in our life. the project will be sort of photography  and painting installation . their will be a painted  and real object attached on the wall and the floor . so I will need a small cubed room or corner  about 3x3m or 2x3 or what's available



Mahamoud  Hallwy / VISUAL ARTS / Plastic art


Its an art project, which am trying trough to find the real reasons behind pushing us to the commercial aims , and the effect of the modern commercial image on me as a member of the Egyptian society.



Mahmoud Hamdi / VISUAL ARTS / Plastic art


Egyptian visual artist & curator, Mahmoud Hamdi had his BfA in Art Education from University of Helwan 2002, Producing & exhibiting art from the year 2000, he is working on his main project The Relics from 3 years, producing through it projects like Golden 2005, 13 Messages 2006, Tales from Underground 2008.



Maryam Abdel Wahab / APPLIED ARTS/Visual Design


Energy is an existing phenomenon in our mortal life, we are all formed from energy we absorb and give back energy. In religions they say God is a form of energy. Well in my work I express my point of view either paintings or photographs  and search about the energy of the God or the energy that we share with him.



Massar Egbari / MUSIC / Rock

Ayman Massoud, Hany El Dakkak, Shady Abd El Azim, Ahmed Hafez, Tamer Attallah and Tamer Issa


The initiated project between Massar Egbari and Tamer Issa aims at merging music with photography to produce an audio-visual clearer image of the type of music played by the band; depicting their lives in “ALEXANDRIA” the Mediterranean Cosmopolitan city.



Mohamed Abdul Kreem / VISUAL ARTS / Video Art


under construction project Video Installation project

Track 8.14 min loop   its currently under construction project, and its just a primitive phase of the hole big work which is experssing my own religious identity, specially the gained one not the inherited.



Mohamed Elmasry / VISUAL ARTS / Plastic art


I adopted in my works a style of reforming the reality and express it in different ways, I produced many colored works  away from the classic style. in a lot of my works tried  rebuilding the structure of the characters, I have took many sketches to many persons and places I have deal with them, but in a different way aiming to express my opinion.



Mohamed Safar / VISUAL ARTS / photography     


That is breath joint life between the beginning and the end of life. Veachzh newborn to announce on life, take Heart declares death. That currency is the ugly face of the beginning and the end, that peace is a two-sided face of the rise and fall of the other. This work lies in the philosophy of self Dzeouath deeply moving in the concentration went.



Mohamed Nagieb / VISUAL ARTS / Plastic art


At the outset of his career, Monumentality has been an obsession in his mind., Naguib was also deeply impressed by the works of the Spanish sculptor Miguaello Nevaur and his monumental concept in architecture. His vision was thus widened, and he started to conceive the dimensions of his aesthetic experience on a more totality and awareness basis.



Rabab Nawar / VISUAL ARTS / Plastic art


My work is instillation painting photography and sculptour  some light and music taking about deifrant--- faces and human been.



Adham Hafez Company / SHOW / Dance

Adham Hafez and Saad Samir


Choreographer, performer, music composer and installation artist, Adham Hafez works with different states of performing, performance strategies, music structures, ritual practices, physicality and embodiment. Awarded by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and Cairo Opera House, HIGH VOLTAGE explores different dualities, unmasked physical fatigue, manipulation of time, and a journey between reality and illusion. Inspired from Hindu-Buddhist texts, and writings for Virginia Woolf.



Egyptian Delegation:

The president of Eyptian Delegation is:

Prof. Mohamed Rafik Khalil


Curator / artistic programs and external relations

Artist. Moataz El Safty


The Journalist of Egyptian Delegation is:

Mr. Salah Bassar


The commissioner of Egyptian Delegation is:

Artist. Ibrahim El Tanbouli


The commissioner Assistant of Egyptian Delegation is:

Artist. Hany El Sayed


The Selection committee are:

Prof. Mohamed Rafik Khalil

Dr. Medhat Nasr

Dr. Reem Hassan

Artist. Ibrahim El Tanbouli

Artist. Hany El Sayed

Artist. Moataz El Safty




Puglia 2008 - Project and Venues
The Region Puglia, for its geographical position and its Mediterranean vocation, is consider a crossroad between East and West, an area for the dialogue and the cultural exchanges.

The project foresee to host the productions of the XIII Biennale in the whole region, creating a real artistic network on the basis of cultural, social and economic vocations of the Puglia territory.

This statement would allow to reply in many towns some artistic disciplines (for ex. Images in the Move, Performances or Readings) in order to permit the audience of wide areas of the region to assist to the held artistic productions, as well as to concentrate in other towns some artistic disciplines (for examples exhibitions) catalyzing the cultural and economic realities of the region which are specialized in that field (galleries, Academies etc. spread in the region).

The venues surely suggest an everyday practice, developing symbolic imaginaries and creating an added value: maybe Puglia is one of the Italian regions which express at best these concepts thanks to its richness and artistic, architectural, historic and cultural varieties.

In the whole region there will be venues set up to host the artistic disciplines forecast by the Call for participants of the Biennale, thought to favour as possible the disciplinary meetings in a sort of large area of free cultural exchange.

We would be in a huge artistic bag in the Euro-Mediterranean area, which will make Puglia the meeting point of social, economic, politic and geographic reference for artists, operators and public and private institutions.

The theme for the XIII Edition of The Biennial 2008 is: "Our Creative Diversity: kairos " (Greek word pronounced keeros, meaning fit time, opportunity, a point in time where change is possible).

"Our Creative Diversity: kairos"
"kairos" is a possibility of change in the city, and feel the vigorous urge towards its further evolution. We have witnessed so much damage and dismay, there is a will building towards that "kairos" point in time where change can take place all over the Mediterranean Region and especially in the south and Middle East.

"kairos" time is also approaching for artists of all kinds. Art has its uses as well as beauty that addresses our deepest feelings. Art can be intense and provoke, raise our awareness, and soothe our feelings. Young artists especially have a fresh approach and can urge their audience to face up to new standards, see new ways. Young artists can transcend the limits that tradition and inertia have imposed and face the new possibilities. They can depict and interpret, raise issues, propose a change, add comprehension, express dismay, raise hope. So also it can be used to enhance and encourage evolution of thought at critical times, at a "kairos" time.


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