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1 - 15 May 2009



AAW Atelier of Alexandria (Assembly of Artists and writers) international workshop 2009,  Program is an intense two-week studio session for an international group of  professional visual artists in Atelier of Alexandria (Assembly of Artists and Writers) and the exhibition too. The workshop's mission is to create an environment designed to maximize exchange, stimulate new ideas and encourage experimentation.


Accepted participants are asked to give a $100 acceptance fee. . Artists are responsible for all expenses, including the costs of travel, Transportation and materials. Atelier of Alexandria are responsible for Accommodation, Meals and publicities,  The workshop culminates in an Open Studio exhibition, free and open to the general public. During the workshop, artists will receive organized studio visits from critics, writers and curators  and also the workshop' start in Atelier of Alexandria with a panel discussions on first two days about the artists and their works  or they will present the art in their countries in the presentation form.


Download English application.. >> word.doc or  PDF 


Location: Atelier of Alexandria (assembly of artists and writers)

Dates: To be determined, 17 30 Nov. 2008 .


Deadline : (July  31st , 2008 )



Applicant must be a professional artist and not be enrolled in any degree programs. Artist's media may include painting, sculpture, mixed media,  print making , photography, installation . Applicants must be 18 years or older. International applicants are welcome.


Application Deadline:
All application materials and supporting documents must be E-Mailed by July
  31st , 2008. Applications postmarked or received after the deadline will not be accepted.

The applications via e-mail only are accepted.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


Application Instructions
To be considered, applications must have, in the following order:

Mix 4 images

Images should be of work made within the last three years.

Image must be in JPEG format, no more 800 KB for all images size.


Or Short Video (MPEG, AVI, SWF)

Video should be of work made within the last three years.

Video must be no more 1 MB for all Short video sizes.


Please include educational and exhibition background.

Artist's Statement
Briefly describe your work and recent projects.

Statement of Objectives
Please give your reasons for applying and what you expect to achieve during these fifteen days.

Download English application.. >> word.doc or  PDF


Further information :

Dr Reem Hassan ,   Director of the workshop

Artist.  Moataz El safty  Coordinator of the workshop

Tel : +2 010 67 00664  , +2 010 911 51 81

Email: info@atelieralex.com    Website: www.atelieralex.com


Send to:

By E-Mail: To:  workshop@atelieralex.com   Cc: info@atelieralex.com

Subject :  Participate in AAW international workshop 2008.

Successful applicants will be notified no later than August 15th.


the organizers,

Reem Hassan & Moataz El Safty


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